The most anticipated books on my shelf

Autumnal Greetings, Reader!

Like the majority of people the best people, Fall is my favorite time of year! What’s not to love? It’s not too hot, not too cold, the trees change color, and the air has a crisp, clean smell that puts a spring in my step. With the cold setting in, I’ve been looking at my shelves, taking note of the books that I could cuddle up with in my very little free time. Call me the queen of lists, because I’m coming at you with a list of the most hyped/ most anticipated books on my shelf! We are all guilty of buying books we are super excited about, but for some reason remain untouched on our bookshelves. Well, this is my “I’m sorry I haven’t read you yet, but I have high hopes for you and I should definitely just read you already” book list.

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Red Rising by Pierce Brown

I’ve heard nothing but praise for this series and it seems right up my alley. Sci-fi with Dystopian flare sprinkled with Mars colonization for extra flavor. This has 4.27 Stars on goodreads and a considerable amount of hype behind it and it sounds fantastic, but it’s still just sitting on my shelf mocking me.


My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, & Jodi Meadows

I saw tons of good reviews for this book. It’s supposed to be funny and overall a great, easy, and fun read! It has 4.1 Stars on goodreads and has something to do with a girl named Jane marrying a horse. I tend to gravitate more towards fantasy and sci-fi, which is probably why I still haven’t cracked open this promised 5-star read.


Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

This is not YA. I follow Jay Kristoff on twitter and I love what I’ve read so far from his other series, The Illuminae Files. I remember when book two of the Nevernight Chronicles came out Jay kept tweeting and tweeting that his Nevernight series is NOT YA and that readers should be aware of it. It seems sometimes, everyone has read this series and is completely in love with it. I have to read it. I have to, so why haven’t I? It was the exact same with the Illuminae Files, I kept leaving it on my shelf unloved untouched until I finally read it and loved it. I hope that’s a prophecy for how I’ll react to Nevernight. It has 4.31 Stars on goodreads.


The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee

Another well-reviewed contemporary adventure sporting a whopping 4.14 Stars on goodreads. I have been promised pirates, LGBTQ+ rep, and adventure! The friendship between the main character and their sister is supposed to be a main highlight of the story and I’m a sucker for siblings sticking togehter. I hope to get bittten by a historical ficton bug soon, so I can grab this!


This Savage Song by V.E. Schwab

Monsters? Music? I’m confused as to what this is actually about, but that’s all part of the allure. I’m prepared to read ANYTHING by Queen Schwab. This is supposed to have paranormal, sci-fi, and dystopian vibes and I just cannot for the life of me understand why I haven’t delved into this word yet. It has an impressive 4.11 Stars, is super hyped in the book community, and I hope it meets all my expectations should I ever finally pick it up.

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Thanks for reading! -xo Amber

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