The Witcher #2 The Sword of Destiny by Andrzej Sapowski (translated by David French)

“‘Read what is engraved on the goblet. It is from Craag An. It was drunk from by kings whom no one now remembers.’ ‘Duettaeánn aef cirrán Cáerme Gláeddyv. Yn á esseáth.’ ‘Do you know what that means?’ ‘The Sword of Destiny has two blades… You are one of them.'”

The Sword of Destiny (The Witcher Book 2) has absolutely everything in it and I mean everything. This is a fantastic book by any and all standards. Andrzej Sapowski has total command of his audience and of the mysterious world that is The Witcher. Sapowski, teamed up with the translator, David French, is a dream team that sends your imagination on a wild ride.

The short-story style keeps your attention while you meet characters, creatures, and the occasional dragon. Honestly, I don’t know what else one could possibly want from a fantasy novel. There is action upon action, love interests, betrayal, thievery, bravery, and it is sexy as hell. That’s right I went there. The words pour off the page like warm honey for the reader to happily drink up as they scurry to the next sentence, page, chapter, and storyline.

As someone studying to be a translator, I know how difficult it is to maintain a text to its fullness. Though I can’t understand a word of Polish and, therefore, cannot definitively say that loss doesn’t occur, I’m really impressed with David French’s translation. The story is Sapowski’s baby, but French made sure it was preserved and delivered to the reader in top form; he went above and beyond. It’s BRILLANT.

The writing style makes you feel what Geralt sees, feels, or doesn’t feel. The imagery is shockingly powerful, transporting you with just a few words, beautifully strung together, into the watery depths facing an unimaginable foe.

“He looked into the monster’s eyes, but they were the iridescent eyes of a fish, eyes with spherical irises, glistening coldly and metallically. Eyes which neither expressed nor betrayed anything.”

I can’t get enough of Geralt and his adventures! Tolkien fans, George R.R. Martin fans, get your hands on this book/series!

Run over to my goodreads profile to check out how many stars I gave The Sword of Destiny and to find out which far-off world I’m currently living in.

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